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Current Websites For Sale

Here's some of the websites we have buit ourselves or are representing for sale. If you are interested in buying a website then please do get in touch with us.

Registered: 04/02/2011

Type of Site:
Single Page with domain name

Asking Price: £ 995
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Websites For Sale: How It Works

The websites above have been created by the team at Zafyna or are available for sale through Zafyna. Our websites have been built with SEO in mind and have optimised titles, keywords and homepage content. The prices reflect the work that goes into creating the sites and includes the domain name.

How long does it take? Typically around 5 days to transfer the website to you.

If you would like to buy one of our websites for sale then just get in touch with us.

Prebuilt and SEO ready websites for sale